“Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic.”

-renowned scientist and author Arthur C. Clarke, 1973

We think Mr. Clarke got it absolutely right. And your choice of Crestron is evidence that you too appreciate the value of technology so refined that it works like… well, magic.

To deliver that experience, we have three criteria for each system we design. Every LiquidPixel creation should be...

Intuitive: Surprisingly delightful in its simplicity and effortless in its operation. Inviting: Visually engaging — demonstrating an elegance of form that echoes function. Invisible: Programming so reliable and responsive that it becomes transparent to the end user.

As a Crestron Services Provider (CSP), The LiquidPixel Group exists for one reason — to create the best user interface experiences and control system logic available. Our team of user interface, graphics, programming, and IT specialists collaborate seamlessly to deliver exceptional results — on budget and on time — every time.